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Improving the Patient’s Waiting Time in the Radiology Department: From Science to Practice

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Keywords: waiting timesradiologywaiting time formulaoperational efficiencypatients 
 Accepted on 11 Sep 2019            Submitted on 11 Sep 2019

Most people don’t like to wait, be it in a doctor’s waiting room, in a shop, or in an airport. Therefore, understanding the science of waiting times and finding methods to tackle the waiting time problem is of interest for many.

This presentation will consist of two parts.

First, the science of waiting times will be briefly discussed. In short, there is a fundamental tradeoff between optimizing operational efficiency and optimizing waiting times. Understanding the different parameters involved is mandatory in order to tackle waiting time problems in daily practice.

In the second part of the presentation, we will show how to tackle waiting time problems in practice. We will use a dedicated online tool (available on to illustrate some practical examples of common problems and possible solutions.

At the end of the presentation the audience will have a basic knowledge about the different parameters influencing waiting times in practice. Moreover, different general categories of solutions will be proposed and discussed. Finally, those who are interested to tackle waiting time problems in their own practice will have received the tools to do so.

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