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Reading: President’s Welcome BSR Annual Meeting 2021


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President’s Welcome BSR Annual Meeting 2021


Piet Vanhoenacker

University Hospital Ghent, BE
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Dear colleagues,

At the time of writing, this year’s edition of the annual BSR meeting will probably be a live event.

The program will consist of a fascinating mix of clinically oriented lectures on MSK imaging, presented by experts in their respective field.

I am happy to take the opportunity to thank Professor Raymond Oyen, President of the Scientific Council, Professor Maryam Shahabpour and the Presidents of the Young Radiologist Section, Nina Watté and Amin Mahsouli, and all others involved in the organization of this Annual Meeting.

I wish you all an interesting and pleasant BSR Annual Meeting 2021!

Warm regards,

Dr. Piet Vanhoenacker

BSR President

How to Cite: Vanhoenacker P. President’s Welcome BSR Annual Meeting 2021. Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology. 2021;105(1):74. DOI:
  Published on 19 Nov 2021
 Accepted on 27 Sep 2021            Submitted on 20 Sep 2021

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The author has no competing interests to declare.

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