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Reading: Radiology and hemoptysis: key points


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Radiology and hemoptysis: key points


D Henroteaux

Vice-president of the RBRS
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Haemoptysis can be life-threatening and requires immediate investigation and management. Conservative management of massive haemoptysis carries a mortality rate of 50-100% (1). In the past surgery was considered as the treatment of choice. The mortality rate for surgery ranges from 7.1 to 18.2% (2). Mortality can exceed 40% when surgery is done as an emergency procedure (2). However many patients are not candidates suitable for surgery due to pre-existing comorbidities and poor pulmonary function. Haemoptysis is defined as an externalisation of blood through the mouth from the subglottic region. This is a bleeding from the bronchi and not from alveoli. There is no place for embolization for an alveolar bleeding. Haemoptysis may come from the systemic circulation (bronchial or not) or pulmonary arterial circulation.

How to Cite: Henroteaux D. Radiology and hemoptysis: key points. JBR-BTR. 2013;96(5):273–4. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2013.
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